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Since 1951, St-Hubert has specialized in roasted chicken and grilled ribs. Today, there are over 100 locations throughout Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick, serving more than 35 million meals per year with the help of nearly 10,000 employees.

St-Hubert is the ultimate restaurant where families find themselves with as much pleasure as couples, singles, professionals or seniors. The place to celebrate and eat well.

There are 2 St-Hubert locations in Mont-Tremblant. Please click a tab above to view more details. Both locations have delivery and pick-up options.

  • In Mont-Tremblant resort
  • In the Town of Mont-Tremblant

Rôtisserie Station Tremblant à Mont-Tremblant is located on resort at the base of the Mont-Tremblant ski hill.

  • Address: 3035 Chemin de la Chapelle
  • Phone/Delivery: 819-717-4441
  • Delivery Menu 


Monday 11h00 20h00
Tuesday 11h00 20h00
Wednesday 11h00 20h00
Thursday 11h00 20h00
Friday 11h00 21h00
Saturday 11h00 21h00
Sunday 11h00 20h00

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Rôtisserie Mont-Tremblant is located in the main town of Mont-Tremblant.


Monday 11h00 22h00
Tuesday 11h00 22h00
Wednesday 11h00 22h00
Thursday 11h00 22h00
Friday 11h00 23h00
Saturday 11h00 23h00
Sunday 11h00 22h00

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Resort Phone Number: 819-717-4441
Resort Address: 3035 Chemin de la Chapelle

Downtown Phone Number: 819-425-2721
Downtown Address: 330 rue de St-Jovite


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