Steak Frites St- Paul

IMG_1488 (2)Were you aware of all Steak Frites has to offer here in Mont Tremblant?

You may already be a fan of Steak Frites St- Paul and already frequent this restaurant because you are in the mood for a good steak or filet mignon.

But did you know that this ‘Bring your own wine’ restaurant has much more to offer than just Steak and fries. Meat lover or vegetarian, there is something for everyone.

IMG_1324 (2)
Mont Tremblant’s Steak Frites chef and owner Marc Antoine Desmarteau has tweaked his menu since his arrival in the last two years and offers some pretty nice dishes that are not only tasty but give a good variety of options for his guests. If you are not in the mood for a steak or even a Surf & Turf, they offer a variety of other dishes like fish & chips, duck breast or this duck confit (2 legs).

How about this sesame grilled tuna with bruschetta.

Or Check out this burger!! Wow right?!

They also offer a kids menu for the last 2 years which they did not have before.



So bring your kids, your friends or your loved ones and of course your favourite wine and enjoy a great meal in this nicely decorated, modern-chic restaurant right off the 117 in Mont Tremblant.

Bon appetit

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