Mont Tremblant Restaurants Remain Open, For Now

The Quebec government announced yesterday that several regions around our area are now in a red zone prohibiting all non essential activities. This means temporary closures of restaurants and bars are taking place in several cities around Quebec as of this Thursday October 1st for a duration of 28 days. 

Here in Mont Tremblant we remain in an orange zone which means that our bars and restaurants can remain open but with some restrictions. Being that this is one of the most beautiful time to visit our area with the fall leaves and the beautiful colors, our community will have to be very vigilant and continue to follow the directives; wearing a mask, keeping our distance and washing our hands. Our terraces are soon to close and we will keep a close eye on the situation. With that said, almost every restaurant in the Mont Tremblant area quickly adapted and reacted to the ever changing Covid situation in the spring. Now again, restaurants that perhaps never considered or offered take-out or prepared meals in the past will turn around and offer it as an alternative to dining out. We can be certain that this will continue and that we can count on our great chefs to make us take-out/delivery meals to enjoy in the comfort of our own home. Let’s continue to support our small local community and most importantly, stay safe, stay healthy and stay tuned.