Outdoor terraces in Tremblant – Covid-19

In these strange times it’s important not to forget some of the comforts we enjoy. Being able to go out to eat with your family and friends in a region blessed with a wide variety of incredible restaurants is something we need to continue, even if we have to adjust to a new normal. Restaurants all over Quebec are required to  follow a host of rules and the landscape of these rules changes often. Here are some tips to help support the local scene of restaurants and socialize again (safely).

Terraces and distancing

One great solution supported by the city of Mont-Tremblant is outdoor eating on terraces.  Restaurants which in the past did not have this option, in most cases now have been fitted with beautiful outdoor terraces. Many local restos already have amazing outdoor terraces placed with seating supporting social distancing. You should feel safe enjoying the great summer weather. Practically all of our listed restaurants have terraces !

Take out and delivery

Several restaurants in Tremblant have take-out and delivery but did you know that several traditional  sit down restaurants did not offer take out in the past? Now almost all of our listed restaurants have take-out options.

Reserving in advance

Due to the new social distancing rules some restos have smaller capacities thus it is highly recommended to call to reserve a place!

Restaurants and staff are going above and beyond

It’s important to note that under these times of stress to treat people and staff with more compassion. All of the local restaurants are going above and beyond with limited staff in order to provide you with a safe experience. Please give them your support and let’s help them get through these tough times!

Stay Safe !