The new reality for our restaurants this winter

The holidays are approaching and we are ready for some holiday cheer after such a turbulent fall season. Mont Tremblant remains in an Orange Zone but with the future so uncertain our restaurants are preparing for the different possibilities. Unfortunately with the change of season comes the loss of the extra space that a terrace brought our local restaurants in the summer. Now with limited space and still visitors from other parts of Quebec coming to ski and enjoy the area, restaurants have to be prepared for their new reality.

We watch as our restaurateurs continually adjust to ever changing Covid restrictions and do everything they can to not only stay open but still make some revenue even if at a loss compared to last year. All of the  restaurants here in Mont Tremblant are making take out menus and ready to eat meals since the traffic of the resort will no doubt surpass the restaurant capacities. Restaurants like Microbrasserie La Diable and Caseys which maybe did not have a large takeout demand in the past are now preparing for a full takeout menu for on or off resort guests. Same goes for restaurants in the old village like Patrick Bermand, Millys and Chez David. They  have all adapted their menus to offer prêt à manger meals to take home anytime.

Over in downtown Mont Tremblant, places like Mille Pâtes and Vieux Four who have always had a popular takeout will continue in this way. Even Le Rustique on the north side of Tremblant will now offer as of this weekend delivery to your door!

Seb L’artisan has his usual Holiday Dinner kit being sold right now which this year seems like the perfect solution for a small family holiday dinner. 

We look forward to a return to a more normal life here in our touristic town but in the meantime rest assured that all of our restaurants if at max capacity or if they cannot remain open due to zone changing will continue to offer you take home meals that are sure to please. So continue to support the businesses of our region, stay safe and eat well!