Top 3 Places to Watch the Stanley Cup Finals

It seems lately that people are talking more about hockey than food. With only a few games left we can almost smell the Stanley Cup win all over Quebec. Now that some of the Covid-19 sanitary measures have been lifted here in Mont Tremblant , people can now safely enjoy the hockey game at their favorite pub or restaurant with some friends and family. We seem to have a few people scoping this site for places to watch the game. Here is a little help. Here are your top 3 places to watch the final Montreal vs Tampa hockey games this week:

1Resto Bar Le Shack. Multiple tv’s around this huge restaurant give you an angle on the game regardless where you sit.

2Casey’s Bar & Grill. Not only is this sports bar a great place to watch the game but it has great finger food, good beer on tap and great cocktails for the ladies.

3St- Hubert . If you are more in the downtown area, St Hubert is a good choice. Over on the pub side they have multiple tv’s and a good atmosphere to enjoy the game and have a meal at the same time.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed. This is it folks. Go Habs Go!!