A May bouquet

J. de Villebois Pouilly-Fumé 2022
1) 13657491 | $28.35
This sauvignon blanc is a nice find which will receive a top score from all the friends around the table, from the amateur to the knowledgeable taster. A multi- lingual Pouilly-Fumé, which speaks of silex, smoke and passion fruit. Note: don’t confuse the designations “Pouilly-Fumé” (Sauvignon from the Loire), and “Pouilly- Fuissé” (Chardonnay from Bourgogne).

A nose that dives into exoticism to find aromas of gun flint. An initial sensation of roundness, immediately surmounted by a freshness propelling the taste of white fruit and citrus into the centre of the mouth. A note of silex in the finish. Surprise them with lily of the valley in one hand and a Blanc-Fumé of Pouilly in the other.




Dos Almas Orizzonti Carménère
Aglianico 2018
2) 15097861 | $38.25
Dos Almas (two souls) 2018 is the improbable meeting of two grapes: the Chilean carmenere and the Italian aglianico. The daring pair already impresses with its deep cardinal-red colour and continues to charm with its scents of black fruits, black olives and spices. Total balance in the mouth: vigorous yet restrained, body but not excessively so, and velvety with courteous tannins. Strongly suggested with tournedos… for the two of you.





Azelia Barolo 2019
3) 13686128 | $67.25
Selecting a high-end red with the intention of opening it the same night can be quite a challenge. But why, you may ask? Wines in this category, often from one of the great appellations, are marketed in their youth and are created for cellaring. One tip: look for vintages overshadowed by the great years, to avoid the rebellious tannins of a young wine.
For example, the 2019 “Azelia” Barolo (lower rated) is aromatically more generous from the moment of opening. The olfactory component is of gooseberry and ground cherry, followed by the beginnings of a third aroma of undergrowth and dried fruits. Vigorously fruity in the mouth and just juicy enough to calm the tannins. Pleasant anise and hazelnut in the finish.
A nice gift… to oneself.