Not Your Usual Breakfast

A saying you are probably used to hearing by now is…breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It makes sense, right?  You might as well start off on the right foot and set the tone for the rest of the day.

Most people are probably used to having the same old boring breakfast routine, toast, cereal, porridge or probably a quick morning shake on the go.  If you want a change from the ordinary, these local restaurants are doing breakfast right. Give these a try and step out of the usual eggs and 🥓 bacon scene.  

One of our new favorites is for sure Charlotte Café. It’s a family affair in the kitchen and this mother daughter duo are dishing out the morning goods for sure. Most things on the menu are filled with beautiful fruits and freshly squeezed juices that are colorful, healthy and delicious. You might want to start with a smoothie bowl which is a popular item on the menu, but you cannot go wrong with their poached eggs with 🥑 avocado spread on multigrain bread with a balsamic glaze on top with a side of fresh fruit!! It’s so decadent, you will just love this dish. You can upgrade it if you want and add bacon too!  

La Sandwicherie located in the old village is a good spot for a great breakfast. We are big fans of the breakfast sandwich on croissant, but the new classic is their Garden “frittata” served with whipped goat cheese and their delicious yogurt bowl. Wow!

Not too far from there, just down the road is Le Saint Louis Restaurant. These guys make great Eggs Benedict. They have different kinds and we truly are incapable of picking a favorite.  I’m sure there is one to please your palate.

Arôme Café Bistro is also a popular breakfast spot. If you are in the mood for something different, try the Gratin de Popeye.  Two poached eggs, boiled spinach, dried shallots and Oaka cheese. Famous quote from Popeye…I’m strong to the finish, ’cause I eats me Spinach’!

Our 2 last breakfast spots are located directly on resort. La Maison de la crêpe is located on resort at the base of the mountain.  This place is great for all sorts of crepes. They have fabulous ones, sweet and/or savory, but this specific breakfast crepe called the Brunch de La Maison is your traditional breakfast wrapped up in a crepe with maple syrup.  Can’t really go wrong with this one.  

We end with the great `buffet style` breakfast that pretty much has it all.  Located at the Fairmont Hotel is Le Comptoir. They not only offer à la carte breakfast, but they also have a delicious buffet with different breads, pastries, cheeses, fresh fruit, eggs done any way you like it and the list goes on.  And our favourite thing about eating at the Fairmont is that the valet is included. Full 5 star service breakfast.