Chef Bruno Krivak is paying it forward this holiday season

Christmas is a time for family, giving, receiving and helping those around us that may be less fortunate. Owner and chef of Le Rustique Restaurant in Lac Superieur, Bruno Krivak did just that this year. He wanted to share with those in his community that are less fortunate than himself. He decided to contact ‘ La Paroisse Sainte-Trinité’  in Saint-Faustin-Lac-Carré. They give Christmas baskets for the less fortunate in the neighborhood nearby every Christmas. Bruno added an invitation in the each basket to a holiday dinner at his restaurant December 18th for FREE. He would offer a traditional holiday meal for the entire family of each basket receiver. His phone began to ring instantly as the community members starting accepting his invitation. An overwhelming amount of people RSVP’d for this excellent chef’s christmas dinner. Over 80 people turned up. Bruno and his staff cooked all day and volunteered to serve their community on this special evening. 

What a great way to give back to your neighbors and do good during this winter holiday. Hopefully this initiative inspires others around us to help, care, share and give back now and throughout the year. Thank you Bruno  and all those from Le Rustique Restaurant for your generosity. Happy holidays everyone !!

Photo credit: Patrick Nicol Merci!