Dish of the week!

As local foodies, we often eat out and taste a variety of great dishes here in Mont Tremblant’s surrounding restaurants. This week, we ventured out on the town and tried something new and we want to share it with you! Here is this weeks DISH OF THE WEEK! A must try!

The pandemic has not stopped us  yet from continuing to support our local businesses and restaurants here in our area. Being that we are still in zone orange we try as much as possible to dine or take out from the restaurants here in Mont Tremblant, not knowing what the future holds.

Last night we decided that a romantic candlelit dinner at La Petite Cachée on a Friday night was just what we were in the mood for. The menu here specializes in Mediterranean dishes with some great fish selections mixed with local flavors. They vary their menu a little season to season but often keep some classics like their pear and arugula salad or the owner Normand’s infamous ribs.

Instead of my usual pick of fish or ribs, I decided to try the Stuffed Portobello Mushroom . A vegetarian dish that is not new to their menu but not an option we ever decided to try in the past. A stuffed giant mushroom with a sweet onion jam, 3 different cheeses, pine nuts and a nice side salad. Who knew that this would taste sooooo good!! So delicious , hearty and tasty that we just had to share with you! If you haven’t already tried this, like us and you are in the area of Mont Tremblant, do stop in and try this delicious dish. Vegetarian or not, it is a real crowd pleaser. And if you have tried it, feel free to give us your feedback. Hopefully you loved it as much as we did. So much so that we have declared it the DISH OF THE WEEK!

Enjoy and Bon Appetit!