Let’s toast the sun and drink to summer!

Clos Troteligotte K-Libre 2019
14775536 | $28.75A doubly-daring free spirit, Emmanuel Rybinski stirs things up in Cahors by developing agro- forestry: planting 4,000 trees within his vineyard. And while being revolutionary, he has created – in a region that produces only reds – a vintage from sauvignon blanc by doing a maceration on the skins.
The K-Libre, an orange wine, attracts through its unfiltered, copper-highlighted colour. A jungle of tropical scents tickle the nose. The attack, explosive and fruity, melts into a full-bodied texture with exquisite bitters. Biodynamic, sulphite-free, well-structured for champagne socialism.





Domaine Berthoumieu La Fé Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh Sec 2022
15258725 | $25.45
French and discreet, the Pacherenc-Vic- Bilh appellation intrigues both through its characteristic production of only white wines (notably sweet), and through its native grapes which make themselves known through their dry whites. The La Fé vintage, a plot of the Berthoumieu estate, dominated by the “gros manseng” and completed with “arrufiac”, produces a brilliant golden- coloured white wine. The tantalizing nose is a bouquet of citrus, green melon and acacia honey. The surprising freshness which creeps into the generous-textured and aromatic body will pair well with a dish of mussels and fries.




Tormaresca Trentangeli Castel Del Monte 2019
15273765 | $27.50
The “aglianico” is a grape that likes to lounge about in the sun. The well-known Aninori family

understood this well when investing, in 1998, in the Tormaresca estate – 250 hectares of poor calciferous soil at 250 metres of altitude in a hot, dry climate, ideal for ripening this grape. Initially, the eye is intrigued by an almost-opaque deep red colour. Discovery continues in the nose which happily identifies notes of humus, undergrowth and peppery blackberry. “Animal” is the appropriate term to describe a mouth expressing wild berries, fresh meat and woody truffles. Good body and harmonious tannins. Well matched with an Italian-style roast of beef.