Maple Sugar Season Has Arrived!

Maple season has arrived and it’s our favorite time of the year! The sugar sap is flowing from the trees and if you are like us, we absolutely love to take advantage of the wonderful, even healthy benefits of pure maple syrup. You can go experience a full sugar high at the sugar shacks in our region like La Tablée des Pionniers or La Cabane à Tuque. With that said though our local restaurants that are not sugar shacks are also taking this opportunity to make some pretty fantastic dishes and drinks that incorporate maple as well.  So don’t feel guilty and treat yourself to at least a little, or alot, of our wonderful pure maple products from around our region!

Here are some of our favorite maple infused treats.

Let’s start with some funky maple drinks:

Le P’tit Caribou is opting for a Mapletini (amazing) and/or a ‘ Cidre à l’érable’ ( Maple Cider). How can we say no to this taste of sweet heaven!!



Casey’s Resto Bar offers warm Coffee with Sortilége maple cream  or you can even try their Maple Fire shooters if you are more daring.

Fairmont’s Axe Lounge Bar also offers a Mapletini and even a Maple Old Fashion. Check out the maple flakes around the rim PLUS a maple macaroon. Amazing!

Au Coin Resto Pub is offering a special maple manhattan for this occasion using Sortilège and red Cinzano.

And now for some fabulous maple infused dishes. Many of them are desserts so treat yourselves to some goodness! Here they are:

1.Casey’s again is on top of their game this season. They offer a lovely maple mustard salmon as a main dish on their menu and of course the Quebec classic ‘pudding chomeur’ for dessert.

     2. St. Hubert – Every year at this time of the year they offer their maple dessert called ‘Le Delice à L’érable’ and   it sure is wonderful. We go there at least once during this time of the year just for their maple dessert!

     3. Seb L’Artisan Culinaire – They will be making homemade crêpes desserts called ‘Mémère Jo’ with the best maple syrup on top. Yummmmy!!


  4. Speaking of crêpes, of course La Maison de La Crêpe uses pure maple syrup all year round.  Personally, the  Sweet Crème Crêpe with homemade ‘sucre à la crème’ and bananas is not to be missed. Its just divine!

5. La Sandwicherie in the old village of Tremblant has the ‘Cabane à Sucre’ sandwich. The name says it all. It’s our favorite sandwich! You MUST try this one. 

6. Again at Fairmont Tremblant, Le Comptoir Cuisine du Marché is having their Maple Madness event from March 21st to April 30th. For breakfast you can have maple pancakes, waffles, ham, Parfait, bacon and even maple bread pudding. And of course by popular demand they will have the return of their very decadent Pudding Chômeur with homemade maple ice cream. WOW!

7. And last but not least Au Coin Resto Pub is combining our two favorite things, maple syrup AND cheese!!! How about this hot brie fondant with walnuts and maple syrup. 

Maple season is here for just about 4-6 weeks so again treat yourselves and indulge in the Quebec traditions and savor the goodness!!

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