Microbrasserie La Diable

Microbreweries are becoming more and more popular around Quebec. Here in Mont Tremblant, the two owners of Microbrasserie La Diable, Pierre Jasmin and André Poirier were quite ahead of the game when they decided to open their own microbrewery in 1995 (oufff- that ages us because we remember enjoying our first beers on their terrace there soon after 1995! ).

Still today though La Diable remains a go-to stop for visitors and locals all year round. We like the staff, the beer, the food and the relaxed atmosphere.

The craft beers are brewed on site, 100% natural and their 6 types are very well known and well appreciated. Every month you can enjoy their beer of the month like the IMPERIAL IPA ,8.2%, which is featured right now. For us, our favorite has always been The Blizzard.

What is yours?

Not sure, try them all ! Enjoy!