Not Your Regular Poutine

It’s clear we love our poutines in Quebec and will have no trouble finding a good one up here in the Laurentians without having to search too hard. Personally I like my classic Poutine. Fries, cheese curds and a good sauce will satisfy me every time. Who knew though that there are so many different ways to do the Classic Poutine. We ventured out to the Resort of Mont Tremblant to find different versions of this classic Quebecois dish just for you. It is surprising to see how many different ones there were. For all you foodie adventurers, here’s a list of where to go on resort for the best variations of poutines.

If you are like me and just want to stick to the old classic then head to Casey’s, St. Hubert or Bullseye Saloon & Grillade . They offer the regular poutine or a common variation with Chicken filets. Keeping it simple! The St. Hubert one has crispy chicken filets and a BBQ sauce as well. 

If you want something a little more exciting try The Shack. They offer the Avalanche Poutine which is your classic poutine. But then you can opt for the Smoked meat, Smoked Pork or even Smoked Chicken Poutine which we are starting to see a bit of everywhere. 

The final restaurant which seemed to vary their poutine the most was La Forge Bistro. They have a caramelized Duck Confit Poutine which sounds amazing and a Braised Beef one. They were our biggest discovery!

Like you, we love our poutines so next time you are out on the resort, venture out and try one of Quebec’s favorite dishes, with a twist!