Take It Home

We know there are multiple great restaurants in and around Mont Tremblant.  There are a few though that you can not only enjoy a fantastic meal but you can also take home a little something to remember your experience. These restaurants mentioned in this article allow you to purchase something to take home with you and continue enjoying the restaurant experience from home.

What better way to take home the experience than an actual cookbook from the chef himself.  Seb L’Artisan Culinaire is a delicious restaurant to say the least.  Enjoyed your food? You can purchase his fine cookbook at the restaurant or online and try some of his favorite recipes at home. As Seb himself describes in his book, “it’s a voyage through a lifetime of flavors inspired by the authenticity of local products. The chef’s journey into evolutionary, powerful and light cuisine”. How better to bring the flavors home than to try his recipes out yourself.

Located nearby Sebs, in downtown Mont Tremblant you can find Arôme Café Bistro, a local favorite for sure when it comes to breakfasts and lunches.  Arôme makes their own breakfast sausages, ham, creton as well as their homemade jams which you can bring home and enjoy for weeks.  We are definite fans of their peach jam! It’s our mom’s favorite jam.

Also located downtown Mont Tremblant just down the street from Arôme is Mille Pâtes.  Daily pasta specials are on the menu and you can definitely bring home a wide range of different pasta and sauces fresh and/or frozen.  They also have gluten-free options as well. Our favorite are the lasagnas. Personally we love the veggie one but they have a mind blowing duck confit lasagna which is a must.  If you are having a get together, why cook when you can pop a couple of fresh lasagnas in the oven and impress your friends.

Crêpes, crêpes and more crêpes at La Maison de la Crêpe located directly on the resort.  Different sweet and savory crêpes as well as decadent dessert ones.  What better way to have the taste linger than filling your home with the sweet smells of dessert crepes.  The memory of your favorite crepe can follow you through your home with their scented candles. A great souvenir from your time in Mont Tremblant.

Lastly we mention Le Rustique, located on the north side with its hip ambiance and delicious food.  The chef from Rustique, Bruno Krivak has started a company that caters to chef clothing.  This doesn’t mean that all his fans can’t enjoy these cool branded items as well. T-shirts, tuques, stickers and even knives with local graffiti art.  Doesn’t get more original than that. There is a little section in the restaurant where you can purchase this local brand and wear it with pride as the owner is not only a great chef and awesome guy but his clothing is pretty cool too.