The Best Poutines in Town . Top 7 in Mont Tremblant

‘La Poutine’– fries, cheese curds and brown gravy. That’s all you need. Who doesn’t love a good poutine! Here in La Belle Province de Quebec you are sure to find the best poutines around. Many of the Mont Tremblant restaurants offer a good poutine. They know that after a cold day skiing or a late night out, we seek good old comfort food. This Quebecois dish speaks for itself in terms of flavor, cheesiness, goodness and all!

Here are the top 7 places you will find an awesome poutine in Mont Tremblant or the surrounding areas (not counting the casse-croutes of the region) . If you are at the resort, you have a few choices to choose from to satisfy your craving:

1. La Diable – This place is always an old local favorite. And to start you off, why not combo it
with one of their European sausages and of course, one of their micro-brewed beers.

2. The Shack – From the slopes to the Shack. Located right in the Domaine Saint Bernard.

3. The Bullseye Saloon – and Grill- Skinnier, crispy fries with a nice brown gravy…..we like this

4. Caseys – Caseys offers such a variety of things on their menu so of course, they couldn’t
resist adding this traditional dish.

5- Finally, The Quintessence Restaurant which is more of an upper class restaurant where
you wouldn’t think of finding poutine there offers their take on the dish. A poutine with oregano
sauce. And it works. It’s good.

Off resort you will find two restaurants that do their own take on the famous dish by adding a little something different.

6. Patrick Bermand Restaurant – adds lobster to theirs. Also really nice. Who doesn’t love

7- And finally, last but not least we have an honourable mention for La Gare Restaurant in
Labelle. Their poutine is one of their speciality dishes. Their fries are cooked in duck fat and they serve it with the cheese curds and a homemade demi-glace sauce.

You can also ask to add duck confit to your poutine. Yummmm!