The secret is out!

Patrick Bermand Restaurant has been open for over 15 years and is a favorite of many tourists and locals alike. Even though he is already popular throughout the year, owner Patrick Bermand decided about 3 years ago to start a ‘locals night’ on Wednesday evenings. He wanted those from the neighborhood who maybe couldn’t permit themselves this kind of restaurant as often as they liked to be able to enjoy fine dining but without the higher price tag. He proposed the same quality food but at a more competitive price JUST for local residents. It was a 3 course meal for $25! He offered it throughout the year except at super busy times like the Christmas Holidays and a few other times for example. At the beginning it was really a secret. He didn’t really promote it much, it was more word of mouth. It was all a bit hush hush but with something this good, the word obviously spread fast.

Now over 3 years later, the secret is definitely out. The word has spread and Wednesdays is full at Patrick’s every week. Such a great ambiance, good food, and many familiar faces. They post their locals menu weekly on their Facebook page so you can get a peek at what’s in store.

We certainly are not downtown Montreal here and many of us locals know one another. With nights like Wednesday nights at Patrick Bermand, Thursday nights at Le Rustique and Fridays at Au Coin, it’s fun as a local to enjoy the buzz of people and see our friends and neighbors all out having a great time. We have quite the lifestyle here in Mont Tremblant! Some say we are lucky and we say ‘yes, we sure are!’

So I guess we will see you next Wednesday then at Patrick Bermand! Be sure to reserve!