20 Signature dishes you just HAVE to order

top20Have you ever found yourself at a restaurant and just unsure what to order? Sometimes there are many choices and you just want to know what is the best thing they offer. What are they known for? What is their signature dish? You can ask the waiter but sometimes they say everything is good and then you are left in the same position of uncertainty. SO you scope through the menu, make your choice and you and your friends receive your plates. Next thing you know, your friend says it’s the best thing they have ever ordered and they are sitting across from you oohing and ahhing over their dish. Yours is still good but you just wish for an instant that you had ordered what she ordered.

Well, we have decided to help you order the best items on the menu every time you head out to one of our local restaurants here in Mont Tremblant. We are going to give you a cheat sheet. Here’s a list of appetizers, main meals or desserts that are infamous at certain restaurants. If you go to this restaurant, whether you are a local or a tourist, you just HAVE to order these items. Now, you’ll always have the best dish at your table and you’ll be the one everyone looks to for advice on what to order.


Let’s start with some signature dishes in the resort village of Mont Tremblant.

La Forge​­
They have the filet mignon and then they have Filet Mignon ‘La Forge’. If they name a dish after the restaurant, that’s usually a good sign. This filet mignon is topped with Fois Gras, mushrooms and a red wine sauce.

forge fois gras


Coco Pazzo Restaurant­​
This Italian restaurant has been on the resort for 20 years this year and has quite a few dishes that we just love but ask anyone and they’ll tell you the seafood pasta is the one you just have to have!


La Diable​­  – The ribs!


The Chicken fajitas. Build your own with fresh chicken, sautéed vegetables, sour cream, cheddar and jack cheese, salsa, guacamole and warm tortillas.


Nansen at the Fairmont Hotel​­  – The Short Ribs


Italian bacon, spinach, onions, fresh tomatoes, pine nuts, goat cheese and mozzerella


Moving on to the Old Village and surrounding area….

Restaurant Patrick Bermand​­  – The Lobster poutine. Be different, be daring and enjoy!



Le Smokehouse​­
The all dressed Poutine. Another poutine but of another kind. This hearty poutine is awesome, filled with pulled pork, chicken, chilly, cheese and onion rings. Be hungry or share because it is filling!!


Ital Delli​­
The fettucini Fico. Diced Genoa salami, onions, garlic, pesto, diced tomatoes, fig puree, white wine and a dash of tomato sauce.



La Petite Cachée​­
Lobster basket, blood orange sauce, confit lemon quinoa



Prime Steak Sushi Bar
­​The sushi­ ‘The Columbian Breeze’ is among the top for sure but really you can’t go wrong with the sushi here, it’s all amazing.


Chez Borivage​­
Sea scallops on a bed of asparagus and yellow beet coulis .


If you find yourself near Ste Jovite…

Creperie Catherine​­
‘The Catherine Crunch’. Sucre à la crème, banana, ice cream, whipped cream and chopped chocolate Crispy Crunch bar pieces. But of course!

Catherine Crunch

Arome de Café​­
The eggs Benedict. They use real chunks of ham and not pressed ham slices. Their eggs benedict dish is really amazing!

eggs benny

La Gare  – Home fries cooked in duck fat.



Chez sEb Restaurant​­  – The foie gras!

Restaurant - Foie gras poêlé


Le Cheval de Jade​­
Laurentians’ Duckling à la Rouennaise. Must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance. An experience from start to finish. Well worth it!


La Capricieuse​­
Sesame and pepper crusted tuna, olives salsa, served with israelien coucous and vegetables of the moment.


Mille Pâtes​­
Order their vegetarian butternut squash lasagna.

veggie lasagna

And then just a little further onto the north side of Mont Tremblant….

Le Rustique​­  – The deer tartar

deer tartar

And there you have it. Enjoy your great eating experience.