Arome de Cafe

arome article56666We recently had breakfast at Arome de Cafe. We often meet locals who are very loyal and proud of where they live and support the local businesses as best they can. We shop here, buy our clothes here, buy local produce, etc. We are proud to live in this beautiful place we call Mont Tremblant and thrive on supporting our neighbors to help them succeed.

We met with the owner of Arome de Cafe Marc Deguise who runs his business successfully serving breakfast and lunch to the local and tourist community visiting Mont Tremblant. What we were impressed by was his willingness to pay it forward. Its hard not to notice when you walk into the restaurant all the marketing he is doing for other businesses than his own right there in his own restaurant. The most obvious one to notice are little tv screens set up at some of the tables against the walls. These televisions market other local community stores and local artisans. They also show a couple of pictures of some of the beautiful park areas in St-Jovite.

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There is artwork from local artists for sale hanging from the walls, wooden sculptures and other artisan items surrounding the restaurant available for purchase. He sells Tremblant Restaurant books marketing his restaurant along with over 25 other restaurants in the region. You can even find chocolates from a local chocolate maker which can be purchased at the counter on your way out.arome article2good

Marc Deguise has a great story for a local restaurant in our region. He bought L’Arome in 2002 as a secondary project. Some of you may remember his mom who used to make all the daily pastries and soup at that time. Her carrot cake was our personal favorite. Very good! When Marc started in 2002, the restaurant had about a dozen tables and was first located at 780 rue St-Jovite in a much smaller locale. In May 2006, he decided to move his restaurant to its current location, 852 rue St-Jovite taking over the Old Saloon restaurant and now had 45 places inside and 80 outside. Through the years the restaurant was gaining popularity, but It still needed a finer touch. So with that, in august 2009, he approached Laurent Mangin to come onboard the “Arome adventure” as a co-owner. Laurent was at that time already working the last 2 years as the Chateau Beauvallon chef.



Upon his arrival at the restaurant, together they took a look at the direction they wanted L’Arome to take and decided to concentrate their efforts on a “Breakfast and Lunch” place, and therefore closed down the evening shifts. Since then they have been implementing and changing their menu to continue to offer as much “IN-HOUSE” made products as possible like for example their house jams offered with every breakfast plate, home-made cooked ham, healthier homemade pork spread, homemade cereals, homemade gluten free sausages and many more to come…….. Marc stated, “We are on the road to offering all homemade products… and that is what makes us different than any other breakfast place in Tremblant.”

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So with that, a great success for a breakfast/ lunch restaurant in Mont Tremblant and very kind owners as well. We appreciate them helping other local businesses get their piece of the pie as well and we wanted to pay tribute to them for doing so. Thanks for helping your community be a better place and thanks for the great food!