Auberge Caribou Restaurant

thumbwinterWe have heard people say that Tremblant is not a very big place, but when you think about it the region is spread out from the main town of Ste. Jovite (now called Mont Tremblant) to the old village of Tremblant (near Lac Mercier)  all the way to the North side. Of course the world renowned ski resort village is right in the middle, so it can get confusing. The North side of Tremblant is more peaceful, quieter and has some of the most beautiful and undiscovered spots around. Some avid skiers will drive or lodge on the north side just to have access to the north side chair lifts, which often have smaller lineups and quicker access.


We decided to venture away from the ‘south side’ as we call it, and drive along the river road Chemin Duplessis to visit the Auberge Caribou Restaurant overlooking Lac Superior.
This location is simply majestic. A warm ambiance with dim lighting, a log cabin feel with a stone fireplace and weekly chalk board specials written on the far wall of the restaurant. The walls are filled with large artworks of forest animals such as bears, moose and Native Aboriginals from Montreal artists Monique Laxer, Michel Poirier, and Linda Prudhomme, making this charming restaurant eclectic and trendy all at the same time.inside-bearnat

The Auberge Caribou is already known as a secret gem, it is one of the best spots for an event or an elegant wedding. Having access to several rooms at the Auberge or the newer development at Côté Nord, people can settle in for not just a dinner but an entire week long stay.

At the restaurant, their menu changes based on the chef’s inspiration of the moment and let us say, he can take that liberty because everything presented is absolutely mouthwatering!


Unable to decided, we opted for a little of everything….Beef Tataki with caramel and coriander seeds, fried shrimps with lime yogurt, and to top off the entrées, a creme brulé fois gras with a cranberry sauce and little croutons. We almost licked the plate. We followed our entrées with a melt in your mouth Leg of Lamb and some sautéed scallops. Everything was so delicious, we couldn’t get enough.
The only regret was that we didn’t arrive early enough to see the sun set and show our guests the spectacular view of the lake right outside the restaurant.
This restaurant, besides being absolutely delicious has a great atmosphere, a wonderful decor, a great view of the lake in the summer time, and good service. It is an absolute must! Do not hesitate, you will thank us! It’s well worth the drive.