A balanced lifestyle

yummy-crepeMont Tremblant has just hosted their third edition of ‘Tremblant Gourmand’ just a few weeks ago. A festival for active epicureans where you get to eat and drink but at the same time promote exercise and a balanced lifestyle. People will hike up Mont Tremblant trails and then taste some sort of delicatessen in the middle of the woods and then keep hiking.

A little odd maybe but seems to be popular so today we thought we would do our own Tremblant Gourmand activity. We figured if we are going to hike up this mountain, soak in the beauty and sweat it out, we want to treat ourselves to something great after this workout.



Unfortunately, no one was in the woods to host us with sweet goodies so on our way down, what better way to treat ourselves than with a stop over at La Maison de La Crepe. Thank you Tremblant Gourmand! Not a bad idea after all!




We are staying active, especially during this magnificent season of fall AND treating ourselves to eating what we really love- in other words- anything with maple syrup!!