The best club sandwiches in Tremblant

1d7296c3-303c-4afa-a120-36da4c48ddcfThe famous Club Sandwich. Usually contains 3 slices of toasted white bread, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, bacon and mayonnaise. Normally cut in quarters held together with toothpicks, garnished with mini pickles and if the carbs weren’t already enough, served with a side order of fries. A famous American classic that started popping up on menus as early as 1894.

The classic Club sandwich remains a staple on most pub and diner menus but like everything great, many variations have evolved from this sandwich. You can often find certain restaurants switching up the chicken for turkey, eggs, tuna, smoked salmon, pulled pork, roast beef, etc. The possibilities are endless. Our restaurants in Tremblant are no exception. Here are our top pick for restaurants that serve an awesome club sandwich and some that put their own spin on the classic.

Nansen Lounge Turkey Club on 12 grain bread and chipotle mayo


L’Arome de Cafe’s Chicken Club


Le SmokeHouse Chicken Club


Last but not least, serving up 3 different kinds of club is Le Shack, with their Club Tremblant, the classic chicken bacon, The Club Ryan with ham and bacon AND the Club du Shack served with roast beef, Monterey Jack and spicy dijonnaise.



With all these different options on where you can find the famous American classic, you are sure not going to be disappointed with any of these awesome delicious sandwiches. We have eaten each one at some point ( a perk of our job) and they are great so go ahead and try one!