The best pizza choices in Mont-Tremblant

pizza1Attention pizza lovers!! If you are craving pizza, Mont Tremblant has the one for you.

One of our newest and favorite pizza discoveries is the Taj Mahal Pizza. Not your usual toppings but if you crave Indian food, this is a must. It has butter chicken with spicy mayo, fresh coriander, mozzarella, onions and everything on Naan bread. They have a more traditional kind as well, the Italian which is another great pizza. And if that’s not enough, try their decadent Nutella with fleur de sel pizza for dessert! The Sandwicherie is located in the old village of Tremblant and is now open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for their Bistro menu which includes a number of pizzas and a real cool local vibe and cozy atmosphere.


Le Vieux Four, located in St.Jovite is another favorite for many. For us, we just have to order number 20-The Mediteraniana. Tomato sauce, cheese, fresh tomatoes, goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes. So delicious, we rarely try the other kinds. They have endless options, 24 to be exact and they are all done in their big pizza oven centered in the middle of the restaurant. Bonus: if you don’t feel like dining out, they offer a discount for take out orders which is also great.


Pizzateria makes it on our list for the pizza lovers out there. They are located at the base of the mountain in the middle of the pedestrian village and they of course offer many different pizza options. They have a great terrace where you can enjoy people watching as well. Our favorite is the ITALIAN BACON pizza with spinach, onions, fresh tomatoes, pine nuts, goat cheese and mozzarella. If you aren’t in the mood for a traditional pizza, try their calzones, which is just like a pizza but folded over. They have so many extra toppings that you can add to your pizza that the choices are endless.




La Gare has a fab pizza called the pizza a L’Ancienne. It’s topped with swiss and mozza cheeses, caramelized onions, bacon and spinach. La Gare is located in Labelle and because the pizza is awesome, it’s absolutely worth the drive out of town. You will not regret arriving at this historical little restaurant/auberge where the decor is very welcoming and the menu offers homestyle cooking. They have the best desserts as well.


Another pizza that is a bit more out of the box but makes it on our list is the Pizza Crepe that can be found at the base of the mountain at La maison de la Crêpe. A cute cozy little house with a log cabin feel, the pizza crepe has all the toppings of a traditional pizza but wrapped in a crepe instead of a pizza crust. It definitely satisfies the pizza craving. If you still have room for more food after that , Maison de la Crepe has great dessert crepes that are just fantastically delicious too.