Boating Menu

Summer in Tremblant is all about taking advantage of the summer heat and getting on the beautiful lakes that surround the region. Whether you’re out wake-boarding, water-skiing or just relaxing and taking in the sun, at some point you’re going to get hungry, so what are some great menu ideas for boating?

The number one rule when going on any boat is to never show up empty handed. When packing for a boat ride of any kind, it’s always best to pack the basics and keep things chilled with plenty of ice (bring a big cooler!).
A cheese platter and cut fruit is always great to have before or after you’ve already eaten. They tend to hold you over for awhile.

An assortment of sandwiches always satisfies with some chips & dip, tortillas with guacamole or salsa is always a hit.

Most importantly you can never be on a boat without satisfying refreshments. Depending on what type of boat you are on the different drinks can vary but a beer usually does the job, but sometimes some wine, water, juice, who knows what the boat ride has to offer.

Please keep in mind you need a designated driver when drinking alcohol on a boat in Quebec, and the boat must be at a stand still for passengers.


The dock on Lac Tremblant, getting ready for a day of food and fun.