If you are lucky enough to be travelling in the laurentians, there is no shortage of Casse Croute’s.  What is a casse-croute you’re wondering?

It’s a must stop to satisfy your belly at all times of the day and they can be found throughout Quebec.  Be prepared for a greasy breakfast, toasted hot dog’s, the cheeseburger, the poutine ,even veggie burgers.  In a normal casse croute, there should be no shortage of Maywests and Twinkie like products to satisfy your sweet tooth, if you still have room after the infamous poutine. Nothing but the best!

The setting is usually very unique and family run, this is especially true the further you are away from the big city, and is certainly true for Tremblant.

Veggie burger from the a local casse-croute, Miss Patate.

Our favorite Tremblant casse-croute, Ben-Venue, doesn’t that poutine look amazing!

Flickr stream with some more photos.

I love these places and the planet should be filled with them, the world would be a happier place.