Chateau Beauvallon

The Chateau Beauvallon is an award winning hotel located just minutes from the Tremblant Resort. Every time one comes to Tremblant it is hard to miss the beautiful building on your left just off of the Montee Ryan. Today it is a 70 suite hotel with a fine restaurant, an owner’s lounge where one can relax by the fire, an indoor and outdoor pool and a nice bar to have a cocktail after a long day of adventures in Tremblant. This hotel appears new in it’s charm and decor but has quite a history and is far from brand new.

The Chateau Beauvallon was built in 1942 and was first owned by the famous millionaire couple from the US, Joe and Mary Ryan. They founded Mont Tremblant, fell in love with the area and were keen on making others come discover this wonderful place that they so loved. Its thanks to them that Mont Tremblant has become a world renowned ski destination.

Over the years, the Chateau Beauvallon changed hands several times but always kept it’s popularity and charm. In the 50’s it was the place to go for a good time. Known as the best ‘watering hole in Tremblant’, people would gather here, eat great food and listen to live music. They could pour their own drinks and write up their own bill. Don’t we wish it was still like that today. Not exactly the case in Tremblant now a days. No wonder people loved it.

Even though it has changed hands over the years, many things have stayed the same. Nick Namespetra, chef at the Chateau Beauvallon Restaurant has made sure that the reputation of having exquisite food still holds true. The menu offers a vast variety and is not only fabulous in taste but as appealing to the eye with such beautiful presentations. People are lucky to be able to stay in this wonderful establishment, enjoy the great service and facilities and eat like a king at the same time. We call it ‘having the whole package’ and Chateau Beauvallon, may we say, definitely offers the whole package. Definitely stop by  for a cocktail at the bar or a fine dinner in their restaurant.