Chef Sebastien Houle

sebyesA chat with Chef Sebastien Houle. 6 questions about food, inspirations and travel.

When Sebastien Houle decided in 2005 to open his own restaurant with partner Guy Bourbonnière, the town of Mont Tremblant was unaware of just how lucky they were about to be. Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to eat at sEb Restaurant right here in town, being one of the best restaurants in the laurentians it’s a true culinary experience. sEb restaurant always offers an updated menu rich in flavors and originality.

We had the opportunity to speak with Sebastien Houle himself, co­-owner and executive chef. Sebastien has had the fortune of traveling and working as a chef in different countries before establishing and settling himself here in Mont Tremblant. We wanted to know where his influence of taste and knowledge come from to create menus which are diverse, rich and beautiful,  not just by presence but by taste as well. We decided to have a little fun with him about his interests in food and travel. Here are a few questions we asked the experienced chef:seb2

What country have you visited that inspired your cooking the most?

Italy­ for the pasta and of course the tasty and comforting cuisine. Also the flavors and aromas.


What would you rather choose:Thai soup or Indian curry?

Thai soup for the spices, the coconut milk, the curry and the coriander.


What is your favorite restaurant anywhere in the world?

A little italian restaurant in San Remo on the edge of the Mediterranean just by the marina. Their specialty was seafood pasta. A real delight.



Your favorite ingredient to work with?

Chives. Chives enhances any dish and gives it a fresh flavor.


Its your last weekend on earth, what city do you eat in ?

­San Sebastien, in Spain. I would try all the restaurants in this city..


A Sunday afternoon, alone with your family, what is your favorite meal to make?

BBQ on the beach. Whole fish, lobster, ribs, chicken…

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