7 Excellent catering or “chef at home” options right here in Tremblant

catring thumbnailAre you planning a family reunion, celebrating a birthday, hosting an event or even a wedding? Many people are in search of a good caterer in the area of Mont Tremblant and we are fortunate to have some very good ones directly at our disposition without having to look very far.

A common trend in Tremblant in recent years is guests or even weekenders who are sometimes looking for a caterer as an alternative to come to their home rather than eating in a restaurant or hotel. We call this a ‘chef at home’. We have recommended several caterers in the area for any sort of event from weddings to organising a barbecue at their cottage or condo for the weekend.

There are some fantastic caterers in Tremblant who will design a menu for any occasion and any budget of any size, bringing the best chefs and their teams directly to you. Here is our 2016 list of caterers, in no particular order. They are all good! They also all offer both chef at home services and catering services for a variety of events based on your budget.

Chef Patrick Bermand­ propriétaire du Restaurant Patrick Bermand.


Owner of La Gare Auberge­ Restaurant ­Bar Danièle Monette de Labelle.



sEb L’artisan Culinaire. Owner Sebastien Houle.


Mylene Guimont – Owner of Milly’s Restaurant.


Frédéric Baesa- Private Chef from Couleurs Gourmandes



And finally, these two hotels located directly in the pedestrian village of Tremblant both have their own restaurants and offer their own catering service as well:

Le Quintessence Hotel and Restaurant.


Fairmont Catering from Fairmont Mont Tremblant Hotel


La Sandwicherie – Mathieu Leblanc