Fairmont Nansen Lounge`s Top 5 ‘Apres Ski’ Drinks

nansen3 (800x747)Mont Tremblant skiers have hit the slopes like years past in late november eager to enjoy the first few open trails. Tremblant is well known for its great mountain, vibrant village, numerous restaurants and of course, its great apres ski bars and lounges. Tourists and locals alike are known to kick off their ski boots from time to time, relax and enjoy a cocktail or two after a day on the slopes. One of Tremblants great apres ski spots is no other than The Nansen Lounge, located inside the Fairmont Hotel, only steps away from the base of the mountain. If you are coming from the slopes directly, you can ski directly over, drop your skis at the door and walk right in. Its cozy atmosphere, large fireplaces, comfy leather sofas and classic or modern cocktails alike make this a must go-to after a day of enjoying the fresh air.

We’ve helped you out this season by choosing the top 5 best ‘apres ski’ drinks offered at the Nansen Lounge that are bound to warm you up, energize you and maybe even get you asking for more. Some of these are classics. Some you may have never tried before but none are prepared quite like they do at the Nansen. Go ahead and step away from the traditional wine or beer and try one of these 5 ‘apres ski’ drinks by the fire. Here are the top 5 :


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5-Butterscotch Martini– Butterscotch liqueur, creme de cacao and a little creme. This will definitely warm your heart! Its sweet, buttery and lick-your-lips good! Its like a dessert in a martini glass.

4-Gluewein (Mulled wine)- Red wine, apple juice, spiced rum, 5 spice syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg. One of the more popular winter drinks, mulled wine is typically made with red wine mixed with various mulling spices and served warm. Adding their own personal touch, the Nansen’s twist on a popular warm drink makes it always on their top 5 winter list of most popular drinks.

3-Café Windigo – Frangelico, Baileys, coffee, a little whip and a chocolate sprinkle. Named after the Tremblant Windigo restaurant also located inside the Fairmont. A nice soft warm drink after a long day on the slopes makes it a popular choice time and time again.

2-Trophy Zimbali- Vodka, Sauvignon Blanc, orange rosemary syrup, orange twist and fresh rosemary garnish. This was our personal favorite! Such a nice holiday elegance added to a traditional glass of white wine. Simply delicious.

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And the number 1 Nansen winter apres-ski drink is….

1- Cranberry Cucumber Mojito -Mount Gay Silver Rum, fresh lime juice, syrup, cranberry juice, soda water, fresh cranberries, cucumber slices and mint sprigs. Mojitos have become so popular in recent years and this Cranberry Cucumber Mojito definitely took the number 1 spot for this winters apres ski drink at the Nansen Lounge. It screams holiday spirit with its bright red and green colors and the fresh cool taste that will instantly please the palate. It’s simply beautiful and tastes great. No doubt it sits at number 1.

So enjoy the snow, the fresh air and the tremblant winter holiday season ahead and don’t hesitate to kick off your skis for a brief moment and walk over to the Fairmont Hotel Nansen Lounge and try one of these fabulous top 5 drinks. A toast to you! Have a great season and Happy holidays:)

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