Where to eat fresh fish in Mont-Tremblant

tartar-fishIt’s no secret that fish is an important food to include in ones diet for a multitude of good reasons. It holds an important source of nutrients and is a good way of having lean protein and of course omega­3. It’s often recommended to eat fish several times a week but if you are only going to eat it even once a week you can still reap the benefits and be on your way to a healthy diet.

Several studies show that eating fish can boost brain development, ease depression, improve your skin and dry hair and can be a contributing factor to preventing heart disease. It’s also a great way to get a good dose of Vitamin D. During these cold winters eating saltwater fish is a sun­less way to get your proper dose of vitamin D. One three­ounce serving of salmon contains 75 percent of your daily recommended amount of the vitamin so start eating that fish.

Now we understand that although you may love fish and want to eat it for its multitude of benefits, it’s not always easy to find the best recipe at home. So if you just don’t feel like cooking or you just want to treat yourself to a nice dinner out, here are some great options of local restaurants here in Mont Tremblant that offer fish dishes prepared in a variety of delicious ways.

Coco Pazzo​ offers several fish dishes that are sure to satisfy. Whether prepared more Mediterranean or served on a bed of pasta, you will never lack in wonderful taste.


Patrick Bermand ​is renowned for his fresh assortment of fish selections. Served whole, individually done or to share with another, all their fish is good here.


La Capricieuse​. Mediterranean type dishes served fresh overlooking the Maskinonge Lake. A nice place to go for a good meal and sunset view.


Bullseye ​offers a great salmon dish right in the heart of the action of the resort village.


La Quintessence​­ is another incredible setting overlooking Lake Tremblant. Try their ‘Des Bobines rainbow trout crusted with sunflower seeds and aged cider vinegar beurre blanc’. Not a bad choice at all!


Windigo​­. Fresh from their new ‘a la carte’ summer menu is their Pan­fried cod, barley with butternut squash, lemon and poppy blend, Garlic blossom cream. Yummmm!


La Petite Cachée.​­ Last but certainly not least, you can also try this restaurant which always offers at least one fish dish and are known for their Mediterranean cuisine and cottage charm ambiance. This summer they offer a salmon in sesame crust with grilled papaya salsa which we’ve heard is a real pleaser.


So go ahead, treat yourself , eat well and make your way to a better healthy diet. Enjoy our region and enjoy our fabulous local restaurants. Bon appetit.