Fresh healthy and organic in Mont Tremblant

organicMany of our restaurants in Mont Tremblant are not only great in taste and ambiance but also take a special interest in their practices and choices of foods and recipes as well. Several restaurant owners and chefs take great pride in using only the freshest local produce, use organic ingredients wherever possible and try to support some of Quebec’s great farms.


Since 1995, Coco Pazzo, located right on the Resort of Mont Tremblant, has offered progressive Italian cuisine, with an emphasis on a variety of flavors and a fusion of Italian regional influences.

Owners, Margo and Luigi are one of the strongest supporters of local produce and use them as much as possible in their dishes and recipes. Many of their meats come from local farmers who they believe use the most sustainable practices. Their POLLO AL FORNO dish uses ‘organic chicken breast, bone-in from Ferme Picardier in Brebeuf served with dauphinoise potatoes,seasonal vegetables, veal reduction and grape must sauce’. They also have a spectacular OSSO BUCCO using Quebec Veal shank, braised in veal broth and tomato sauce until tender, served with spelt spaghetti in a sage butter. Yummy!


Places like Ferme Picardier, only about 15-20 minutes from Mont Tremblant, are known for their organic produce and positive practices. They do not use growth hormones, antibiotics or other chemical products . Morgan Farm, just a little further, over in Weir, also pride themselves on the respect and love they give to their animals and only feed natural grass to their beef with nothing added. Both offering high-quality products right in our region.

Other restaurants like Restaurant Patrick Bermand, located in the ‘old village’, only a few minutes from the pedestrian village, offers a ‘Premium organic rack of lamb’ brought in from our north neighbours over in Mont Laurier. Patrick Bermand and chef Nick Namespetra from Restaurant Chateau Beauvallon also incorporate all the freshest local fruits and vegetables into their recipes as much as possible when the season allows. For instance beets, Strawberries, fruit for the sorbets and the jams, brussel sprouts, Rapini and Figues are all from the Quebec region and integrated into their recipes. The ‘Duck confit with roated figues, sweet potatoe puree and an orange and rosemary sauce’ is a great example of this served at Restaurant Chateau Beauvallon and it is devine.

These are only a few examples of some of our local restaurants in Tremblant that not only serve us appetizing, succulent dishes and recipes for us to enjoy but at the same time make conscious choices to support our province and country in their day to day choices of products. I don’t know about you, but I find it alot more pleasant to enjoy a meal when I know we are getting nothing but the best , freshest quality possible. Feel free to try some of these great dishes and not only support our local produce but support our great local restaurants who really work hard just to please us every single day! Enjoy.