Gluten Free Dining in Mont Tremblant

gluten-freeMore and more people have become allergic to certain foods or have an intolerance to milk , nuts or gluten. Some say it is because of the way foods are now grown or processed. Many theories exist. Whatever the reason, people are seeking restaurants that can allow them to enjoy great dining without worrying they may harm their bodies as a result. Our website gets many requests for gluten free restaurants, so this article is for all of you gluten free customers!


For those of you who may not know, Gluten is a protein that is found in certain grains like rye, wheat, spelt or barley . Celiac disease is an auto-immune disorder where the gut cannot absorb anything after gluten has hit the upper intestinal tract, therefore potentially causing lack of absorption of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, terrible pain and in bad cases even malnutrition. Gluten intolerance is not the same but has some of the same characteristics. Individuals with gluten sensitivity or those diagnosed with celiac disease basically must completely avoid foods that contain gluten.1556339_619471048120295_1566960769_o

After speaking with our local restaurant chefs we were happy to find that so many of them do cater to the gluten-free individual to varying degrees. You’ll find little stars on the Shack menu pointing out their 2-3 gluten free plates. Other restaurants like sEb or Patrick Bermand don’t list gluten free items on the menu but will gladly accommodate their guests if they know in advance and do take allergies quite seriously.

Two restaurants though that really impressed us were La Gare, in Labelle and Coco Pazzo, on resort. La Gare will offer multiple options like a greek quinoa salad, duck confit salad, beer marinated ribs, salmon, chicken ceasar and a few more.

The Coco Pazzo owner’s, well, they go all out! They have an entirely separate menu just for gluten free customers! You can view it here under ‘menus’ . Owners Margo and Luigi took it to the next level and welcome all gluten free guests to dine with them with ease, knowing that they take this quite seriously, offering dozens of gluten free plates. They know the origin of all their ingredients, especially their polenta and Gluten free pasta so they and yourselves can trust the quality and the ingredients put into each dish you choose. And again, we repeat, they have an entire gluten free menu just for you!

So to make it simple, here is a list of restaurants which will allow you to find gluten free options for your culinary experiences in Tremblant:

  • *Coco Pazzo
  • *La Gare
  • Amerika
  • Patrick Bermand
  • Caseys
  • sEb’s
  • Le Shack
  • Le Quintessence


You can view each of these restaurant menus on our websites. Enjoy and be safe:)