Great deals on wine

This month, we have decided to please our wine lovers, who not only love wine but may just happen to be on a budget as well. We all love to eat out and have a few drinks but sometimes the wine list prices are above what we feel comfortable paying. Tremblant is the number one ski resort in eastern north america and has been for years now. It does not lack in events, activities, restaurants or shops. Skiing, hotels, condos or homes, family activities and eating out can cost quite a bit.

This month we are featuring two restaurants that allow you to eat well while on vacation in Tremblant but drink well too, without blowing your budget. Certain restaurants in Tremblant have started the concept known as SAQ+ $10. SAQ stands for ‘Société des Alcools du Québec’. This is where we buy our wine and alcohol for personal consumption at home. We all know that when we go to the restaurant, the price for our bottle of wine will not cost the same. It will likely be double, sometimes triple the price. That’s just the way it is when we eat out. This months 2 featured restaurants offer us SAQ+ $10 prices allowing us to drink our favorite wines without spoiling our budget.

Milly’s restaurant is a great restaurant in the old village of mont Tremblant. They were the first in the region to offer this. You will not only enjoy a great, vast menu including truely the best ceasar salad in mont tremblant, awesome ribs, great spicy shrimps and creamy delicious desserts. Their menu is great and then, to top it off you can purchase a nice bottle of wine for around $30. Milly’s owner will also be opening a chinese restaurant right near her other restaurant in the old Tremblant Village. Finally, a little authenticity in tremblant. This restaurant will be a ‘bring your own wine’ restaurant! Even better for the budget.

Our other featured restaurant is Auberge Sauvignon. This restaurant has kept its charm over the years with its’ resort lodge, cozy, country feel and good food but they’ve gone all out to please us wine lovers. One of our favorite ‘at home’ splurge wines is the Lliano from Italy. This wine is sold at the SAQ for about $26. At Auberge Sauvignon, which is a Great ‘apres ski’, dimly lit, laurentian feel restaurant, also with an awesome menu, offers The Lliano for $34! Amazing, a filet mignon, very reasonably priced at $29, with a $34 amazing wine! Can’t ask for more.

So this winter, if your looking for affordable wine and a good meal, step out and step off the resort to try these two restaurants. You wont be disappointed.
Bon ski et bienvenue a Tremblant!

P.S. Dont drink and drive!