Grilled Summer Dinner

Nothing says summer like grilling.  Here is a fantastic summer spread all done on the BBQ, using  simple ingredients and letting the grill bring out all the natural flavors.

Grilling can make an ordinary backyard cookout a special social event. The name BBQ comes from the a native tribe of the Caribbean called the “Taíno“. They used the term ” barbacoa”  which meant “sacred fire pit”, when Europeans arrived they shortened it to BBQ.


The highlight of the dinner is definitely the grilled lobster, all you need is butter and lemon juice to enjoy this simple but delicious dish.


When eating lobster it is common to have some corn on the cob as well. Cooking corn on the grill is easy. Just remove the silk, then fold the husk back up and put the whole ear on the grill.

Two great side dish are sweet potato wedges with fresh lime juice and throw them on the grill with a bit of salt and cilantro. Also a mixed veggie platter with zuchini, peppers and asparagus also pleases.

For the grand finale try grilling pineapple slices and topping with vanilla sugar, or a fresh vanilla syrup and garnish with part of the vanilla pod, and fresh mint.