Gypsy Tapas Bar

b5f2b6bf-0b23-45e4-9404-d96f99db1fcaThe Gypsy Tapas Bar is always a great option if you are looking for something a little different. They offer a Spanish ­inspired Mediterranean cuisine, including tapas, paellas and other specialties. Their food is designed to be shared among friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and to be combined with wine or a cocktail and good conversation.

They have many choices for snacking alone or to share with your loved ones. Whether you are tempted by the cold, hot or shared tapas dishes, you will definitely find good options. Here are their most popular tapas. Not to be missed on your next visit to Gypsy:

1­. Chorizo braised in apple cider served with apple onion confit.


2.­ Pan­seared scallops, wrapped in Serrano, creamy avocado with wasabi and black sesame seeds (3).

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3­. Sautéed Shrimp à l’orange and Tequila (5)


4­. Serrano and Manchego croquettes (4)


5­. Patatas bravas, paprika aioli

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6­. Calamari, aioli, lime and chipotle


** This winter Gypsy is also featuring two beautiful cocktails that are simply a must. One is coffee­based, ‘The Hot Shot’ and the other is gin based with Ungava Gin called ‘The Gibson’. Very different but so delicious !!

And finally, just in case you don’t already know, The Gypsy Restaurant is located within the Westin Hotel on the lobby level. The action takes place around a nice big bar. The Westin is found right in the center of the Mont Tremblant pedestrian village.

Enjoy the great tapas!