Healthy choices for the summer

7d992d3c-db04-478f-a434-53f8322af967Nothing beats Mont Tremblant in the summer. People flock here for our shows and exciting pedestrian village but mostly in the summer people take advantage of the outdoors, the nature, the bike paths and everything else this fabulous place has to offer. You may be one who has just finished the Grand Fondo and now you are getting ready for all the other marathons coming such as the 1⁄2 marathon, the Lolë race and of course the Ironman. To stay healthy and keep in shape, it’s not just about the running but also about eating right.

Here are some choices that will help you keep a healthy balance all summer long when you are out in our local restaurants.

Of course our number one choice is Arome de Café’s Champion Salad, nicknamed the ‘Ironman special’. They have several great salad dishes but this one seems like one we just wouldn’t make at home on a daily bases with ingredients that really fit well together. Beef, butter nut squash, kale, walnuts, cranberries, feta cheese and quinoa. It’s filled with goodness!


For our second choice we head over to Pizzateria in the Pedestrian village of Tremblant. It’s difficult to not pick their pizza’s because we LOVE their pizzas but they do have great salads too like the Maple spinach salad with fresh tomatoes, red cabbage, walnuts and mozzarella. Add chicken to it for protein and you have yourself a filling healthy lunch.



Third on the list is Maison de la Crêpe. Yes you can go there and not choose the Sweet Creamor Banana Split dessert. Use your willpower! Save that for your end of the summer reward! They do have some healthy salads believe it or not and some great breakfast crepes that are a healthier alternative. We really like their Greek salad and you can also personalize your own crepe with choices like goat cheese, spinach, tomatoes and whatever else tickles your fancy.


Our final pick is Tacos Lolita. There is nothing wrong with Guacamole right? Who doesn’t love Mexican food. In case you didn’t know Tacos Lolita actually serves Lebanese and Mexican food and all their plates come with a variety of healthy side salads. So why not pick a falafel plate with a side salad or two of beets and mint or Broccoli, cauliflower and hearts of palm or even lentil salad, red onion, peppers, cucumber and cumin. There are many fresh options offered daily with any of their main dish.



This should help you get off to a good start. You can still eat out with friends, socialize and yet pick the healthier lunch options to help keep you feeling great all summer long! Bon Appetite!