Our Top 4 Featured Restaurants for August

shackResto Bar Le Shack
The Shack has been in tremblant for as long as many of us can remember. Famous for it’s après ski saturday evenings in the winter, you can not come to Tremblant without experiencing The Shack, winter or summer. A really laid back atmosphere where you can enjoy the great terrace in the summer, watch the big screen tv’s and bring the family for some good burgers and a basket of nachos. The Shack is sure to please all ages while visiting Tremblant this August.


Chateau Beauvallon
Chateau Beauvallon is nestled into the woods along a little lake just minutes away from the action of Tremblant. On your way in, you’ll pass it every time along the Montée Ryan by the Le Diable Golf course. Part of a 4 star exquisite hotel, the food at Chateau Beauvallon restaurant is superb, just like the accommodations. From the fantastic beef tartar entrée to their ‘sweet’ chicken dish with crispy bacon, lentils and a blackberry red-wine reduction, you are sure to be well fed and fully satisfied with Chateau Beauvallon this summer.

Chateau Beauvallon

Grill La Forge
Known for it’s meats grilled over maple wood coals, Grill La Forge is located right in the center of Place St. Bernard with the plaza on one side and the ski slopes on the other. They have a beautiful big bar in the center of the restaurant with leather chairs and luxurious decor. On a nice night, you can eat out on the terrace, watch the bands in the Place St Bernard and sip excellent wine from one of the largest, best wine selections in all of Tremblant.

Restaurant La Quintessence
Nestled just alongside the resort looking over Lake Tremblant, the Restaurant La Quintessence is a great setting for summer time dining. French cuisine at it’s finest can be enjoyed on the terrace watching the sunset and boats go by, in their beautifully designed dining room or in their quaint, comfortably chic wine bar. Restaurant La Quintessence has earned itself a four diamond rating and is without a doubt worth stopping in while visiting Tremblant.