Resort Lunch Hot Spots­ Recommended by Sean Hummell

307295_224884847565828_966757092_nWe here at Mont Tremblant Restaurants have a job to do for you. Our job is to know what is out there in the area and share with you what is worth trying, what looks good, where is the happening spot, etc. This time we are heading to the Mont Tremblant Resort and we are going to give you even more. Not just what to eat but literally where in the restaurant to eat it at to enhance your experience. So, to help us out, we recently met with someone we believe lives and breaths the Tremblant Resort lifestyle even more than us and knows all about our Resort restaurants.

We sat with resort real estate agent Sean Hummell from Playground­ Intrawest (soon to be
Engel & Volkers) who is based right in the center of the pedestrian village. Sean Hummell is not new to tremblant. He has been skiing here since the late 90’s and was actually introduced to Tremblant by his beautiful wife whom he met in the Outaouais who then brought him here to get his Level IV CSIA . He has had a love for tremblant since. In 2003 he began working for Playground­ Intrawest and has been living and breathing the Tremblant resort life on a daily basis ever since.

11986426_908815605839412_4963342025913363117_nSean was an interesting person to speak with. There is not a restaurant on resort he has not eaten in throughout the years. From burgers at Casey’s to fine dining clients at the Quintessence, Sean has experienced it all. He is present on the resort on a daily basis and as most good real estate agents go, he makes himself available 24­7 so he often finds himself eating at Tremblant almost every day. We were lucky enough to have him share with us his top 5 spots for a quick lunch or breakfast and not necessarily a gastronomical experience. Not only that, Sean was also telling us where to eat these dishes within the restaurant to enjoy the best experience! A true real estate agent­ location location location ! As he told us, because he eats at all these restaurants often, changing the location of where he sits at lunch and what he orders changes the experience. This way, if he has lunch alone or with clients, he can still go back to the same place with with friends or different clients on the same evening for supper yet have a very different but equally great experience.

So here are Sean’s top five:

5­. Pizzateria’s Maple Spinach Salad. Best eaten on the new patio. If you have a big group with kids they can put together a great table at the far back of the patio below the TV. You can feel proud of yourself for having eaten healthy:)

pizzateria outside

4.­ Bullseye’s Burger. Known for their steak and seafood, they also make a mean burger too. High grade beef burger with melted cheese and mushrooms. Best eaten in the bar section. According to Sean, you won’t be able to ski well after this meal!


3.­ Casey’s Spinach salad. *Add chicken . If you need a small filler, order 2 of the fiesta nacho baked potato skins. If alone, best eaten at the bar in front of the cash. All the bartenders gravitate there so you get to listen to their great stories. If with adults, best eaten at a high table as you get all angles of the many TV’s and finally if you are with kids eat at the very end banquet of the upper section. Casey’s is quick, consistent and offers hospitable service.


2.­ The Quintessence’s duck poutine. In summer, you must eat on the terasse because it is World Class. In cooler seasons it’s best eaten at the Wine Bar, sit closest to the corner, with your back to the windows and facing across the bar to the wine cellar.

Poutine canard confit restaurant La Quintessence

1.­ Coco Pazzo’s breakfast burrito. **Important: this rare delicious burrito is only served 3 times a year (if we are lucky) for the special events: Ironman and (coming soon) the 24h race weekend in December so don’t miss this one.


Thank you Sean for these 5 special dishes. We are on route to try them all! To find out more about Sean, check out his website at and enjoy what

tremblant resort has to offer.