Sushi in Mont Tremblant

The are a few options for sushi in Mont 435-901-8830Tremblant to satisfy your craving for raw fish and rice. The  Japanese delicacy suites all seasons especially accompanied by some warm saki during the winter ski season.

Hotel Chateau Beauvallon has a new sushi bar called Prime Steak Sushi Bar right next to the golf course near Tremblant Resort. We wrote about their recent sushi launch here, you can view more about the restaurant here. Another great option is the Fairmont Hotel’s Windigo restaurant, which offers a Surf Turf and Sushi Buffet.

You can’t go wrong eating sushi at one of these two spots because the quality of service and ingredients are excellent. These choices are also a great option if  you are with family or friends who do not enjoy eating sushi, since there are other great menu options, like steak and prime rib. A lot of the time people have an aversion to eating raw fish mainly because they have not tried it, so what better way to introduce them to this incredible style of food by giving them a backup plan.

Sushi fact: Eating nigirizushi , which is the traditional type of sushi wrapped in rice and often wrapped in nori (edible seaweed) is typically eaten with fingers and not chopsticks, even in formal settings. Sashimi on the other hand (thin  raw slices of fish and seafood not wrapped but sometimes laid on top of rice) is eaten with chopsticks.

Check out the wikipedia article on sushi for more great facts including the health benefits and risks, types of sushi, and sushi etiquette:
I also recommend watching this incredible documentary about an 85 year old sushi master in Japan, it is one of the highest rated films that has come out in the last few years:

And here is a basic infographic about the types of sushi:


Happy Sushi!