A taste of Italy

spagettiCoco Pazzo is an Italian restaurant located directly on Resort that has been in operation for  17 years, and has proven to be one of the favorites to satisfy the Italiano in everyone. For myself, I tend to frequent the take-out Coco Pazzo for lunch,  it’s always quick, easy and fresh. I have been to the restaurant numerous times and was aware of how fresh the ingredients are,  but I had a chance to see first hand the process from beginning to the end, and let me say, the chef runs a tight ship. I was very impressed!

The Coco Pazzo menu is quite extensive and they have great selection of meat, fish, pizza and most importantly, a huge variety of pasta. All the meats are from Quebec purveyors and if they are not organic, then “elevage naturelle” .  The owners make a point of asking their farmers about how the animals live and what they eat.


Chef Marcus Ineichen has been with Coco Pazzo since 1996, six months after the opening. I witnessed him take apart fresh lobster and make the pasta from scratch as he filled each ravioli with some great fresh pink seafood. The manicotti, cannelloni and lobster ravioli are all homemade on his current menu.


It’s very interesting to note that 75% of the pasta on their regular menu is available gluten free. They always provide a vegan dish of the day as well as a raw vegan salad in the appetizer section. The substitutions on the gluten-free menu have a 50% rice organic pasta and the regular linguini and other pastas on this menu are organic spelt grain from Italy. All the stocks and sauces are made from scratch and all the desserts are made in house. With the fabulous experience of  Chef Marcus and the great owners, Luigi and Margo, they can easily adapt to almost everyone. During the Ironman last year the had a special carbo-loading and high protein menu for the guests as well as the athletes and it was a huge hit.


As I stood in the kitchen to prepare to take some pictures, I did not have much room to manouver around. They had a full house in the resto and the kitchen staff were lined up and organized. I had a 2X1 space to stand in and wait for the dishes to come out. I could hardly contain myself watching all the amazing dishes pass by. Marcus was nice enough to make me taste a few of the dishes as I think he was able to see that I was salivating during each picture I took.



The lobster ravioli and the truffle risotto was out of this world,  for more pics you can visit their featured listing here.