​5​ ​terraces​ ​on​ ​the​ ​resort​ ​to​ ​hit​ ​before​ ​summer’s​ ​out

19247721_1410011162448307_1986070764586984952_nThere are still a couple of beautiful weekends still ahead starting with Labor day weekend just around the corner. If we are lucky, summer will extend itself and we can enjoy a few more weekends having cocktails on the terrace well into October. If you are in town and staying on the resort don’t miss these wonderful terraces in the sun all along the pedestrian village.

1- Quintessence – The picture says it all. It’s all about the view over at The Quintessence Restaurant.

2- Coco Pazzo – Hidden away in a back alley, the Coco Pazzo terrace is spacious and the food is excellent so it’s a win win for this one.


3- The Forge – Right in the action of the Plaza Saint Bernard, you don’t miss a thing from this terrace.

4- La Diable – A local favorite if you want to sit and watch the people passing by along the pedestrian village and taste the great locally brewed beer.

5- Le Caribou -The most popular apres-ski bar is also a great place to hang out on a nice afternoon. Try their signature Bloody Caesar, it’s awesome!