Top 10 Desserts in Mont Tremblant

unnamed (9)Dessert. ​The word dessert actually originates from the french word ‘desservir’ – to clean the table mixed with the negative of the latin word ‘servire’. Typically sweet and sinful and usually eaten after a main meal. Some may not leave room for dessert but others can’t help but anticipate and savor the final bites of a delicious dessert to conclude the meal. Desserts come in so many varieties such as cakes, cookies, pies, tarts, ice creams, puddings, custards and fruits to name a few. They often have common ingredients such as flour, dairy, eggs and of course sugar. It’s likely the sugar that gives many of these desserts their “addictive sweetness”, contributing to their moisture and tenderness.

It turns out that right here in Mont Tremblant, we have discovered some Extraordinary desserts that are not to be missed. Our local talented chefs have mixed some interesting ingredients and/or put their personal touch on some of our favorite classic desserts. Here we present to you our top 10 favorites. These desserts are worth the detour so if you don’t have a huge appetite, please, as we say ‘leave room for dessert’ because these are decadent, artful, sweet and delicious. May even be worth skimping on the main course to be sure not to spare the dessert at these top ten restaurants.

1­. La Gare​’s Restaurant in Labelle has a chef that definitely has a talent for making wonderful pies, squares and cakes. We could have posted 10 desserts just from La Gare but this particular pie caught our eye and surprised our palate so it just had to make it into our top ten. This pie was made recently mixing ingredients that we had never seen together before but that worked like magic in your mouth. Pecan pie, maple, bacon and Jack Daniel’s. Oh yes, it’s true.

tarte pacanes

2.­ Fairmont Windigo​. Iced Parfait à la Cassis. Now that is art. Need we say more.



3­. Key Lime Pie from La Petite Cachée​. Only offered in the summer. For the Key Lime pie connaiseurs only, you will most definitely not be disappointed. One of our personal favorites on this list.

unnamed (1)

4.­ Crêperie Catherine.​­ Be hungry because this is no small dessert. Although we LOVE their ‘Crêpe Crunch’ with sucre à la crème, we thought, for the summer, why not go for a lighter dessert­not. Try this Fruit Short Crêpe. The crêpe is rolled and ice cream added in the middle, little fruits around, chocolate sauce and of course, whipped cream.

unnamed (2)


5.­ Cheval de Jade​’s Lemon Pie. Served with seasoned fruits, an almond and date raw pastry, babaco coulis and lemon sorbet. Another beautifully crafted dessert by chef Olivier Tali.

unnamed (3)

6.­ Torta di Formaggio allo Sciroppo D’acero. Viva Italia! A true italian delight. Mascarpone and cream cheese with Quebec maple syrup found only at Coco Pazzo.

unnamed (4)



7­. Vieux Four​’s home­made Profiteroles with a crisp pastry, ice cream and a warm chocolate sauce to top. Doesn’t everyone love a good Profiterole? We do!

unnamed (5)

8.­ Gypsy’s Tapas­ Bar​ located inside the Westin Hotel has a pretty decent melted dark chocolate cake with espelette chili. After a few tapas, there’s always room for a nice dessert and specialty coffee.

unnamed (6)

9.­ Le Rustique.​ Their menu changes weekly but every time we go, the desserts are too beautiful for words and delicious to top.

unnamed (7)

10.­ To end our top ten we head to Ital Deli ​for another twist on a true Italian classic­ The Canoli. A little pink just for the summer with a strawberry twist.

unnamed (8)