Waterfront Restaurants in Tremblant

Lake Tremblant
Quintessence on Lake Tremblant

Summer is here and there is no better place to enjoy a nice meal than outdoors. Some of us will pack a picnic, settle down in front of a private beach or on a boat and have our nicely packed snacks in private. For the rest of us, we seek the waterfront restaurants, with great views and fine food.

Finding a restaurant with a great view in Tremblant is quite easy. One of my favorite restaurants to enjoy the view and feel like a millionaire, which I am clearly not, is the Quintessence Restaurant. Go there on a nice evening and sit on their huge terrace overlooking Lac Tremblant. The resort and the action is right behind you and yet you are hidden behind the hotel looking out at the most spectacular view. A quiet , serene environment, great food and fabulous 5 star service. Quintessence is one of the few 5 star, boutique hotels in tremblant and they have obviously picked the best spot in town. Whether you go for a quick cocktail before dinner at their wine bar or enjoy a 5 course meal out on the terrace, you won’t regret visiting this beautiful spot on a hot summer’s day.

Another favourite hidden gems is Trattoria Di Lago. It is 15 minutes away from the pedestrian village, it feels like people want a keep it as their own little local secret. Well, the secret is out! This restaurant is nice, inside and out. They too, have their two feet in the water! Right on Lac Maskinonge, overlooking the water, this newly renovated restaurant is really beautiful and their new menu is inspired with fresh ingredients and a Mediterranean feel. Definitely worth trying it out. Make sure to make a reservation and get there before it gets dark and enjoy the peace and quiet of the beautiful Lac Maskinonge.

Trattoria Di Lago

Once called ‘Cuddles’ a long time ago,  Hotel Du Lac still stands strong over on the other side of Lac Tremblant. They are away from the resort but have the best view of the entire ski mountain, resort village and the Lake. It is truly breathtaking. Their little hidden secret is that they have a little bistro called ‘bistro sur le Lac’ down by the water where you can have lunch. You wouldn’t even know it is there unless you walk down to the water. Absolutely worth it for a layed back, lazy sunday afternoon lunch. It’s spectacular.

Hotel Du Lac on Lake Tremblant

Then, finally, to end our summer favorites of waterfront restaurants, there is Garçons Poêlés on Lac Mercier which is another great waterfront restaurant. This restaurant is nestled right in the heart of the old village at the Auberge La Porte Rouge. This summer les Garçons poeles have a great menu that focuses on their culinary talents and offers a unique experience with spectacular views of the sunset on Lac Mercier.

Garçons Poêlés on Lac Mercier