A relaxing weekend in Mont-Tremblant

qThe month of November sometimes brings gloom. Many people head south for a week before winter arrives. If you can’t take off for a week, let us suggest a weekend in Mont Tremblant for full relaxation, great accommodations and fabulous dining. Coming to Tremblant in November is great. You have the place to yourself. Try these three hotels this month. Book for a weekend and you don’t even have to leave the hotel for a second. You can sleep, swim, enjoy the spa and eat all without stepping outside if you don’t want to. Enjoy a fully relaxing or romantic weekend and you’ll come back to work refreshed and ready to go on Monday morning.

We start at the top of the hill at the Fairmont Hotel. Enjoy their awesome cocktails at the Nansen Lounge after a couple of hours at the Amerispa. Or enjoy their indoor or outdoor heated pools and then eat at Windigo restaurant. You can easily spend a weekend at the Fairmont without stepping out from the hotel.




A second great option is the boutique hotel The Quintessence. A little smaller and quieter, this luxury hotel overlooks Lake Tremblant and offers you that peacefulness you may be looking for. You can fine dine in their wonderful Wine-bar or order breakfast in bed. They too have a spa available directly at the hotel.





And thirdly, on the resort there is always the Westin. Starbucks coffee in the morning , hot tub in the afternoon and tapas at Gypsy’s Tapas Bar in the evening. Not a bad way to spend a weekend.




And finally , if you really want out of the hotel, definitely treat yourself to the Scandinave Spa f or a few hours. November is a great time to go there and enjoy the peaceful setting with not so many people around. A few minutes in the steam room, a dip in the river and a nap in the resting areas and then back again for another round. It’s absolutely amazing.




So no need to head to Cuba for a week. Come to Tremblant instead!!